Rescue Painting & Power Washing


153 center St Seville OH 44273 US

​Exterior Painting:

All exterior surfaces are properly cleaned to remove dirt and mildew. We then perform all necessary preparation work including sanding, scraping, caulking, and other repairs. Next, we use a quality primer to ensure long-lasting adhesion. Finally, we apply high quality paint using a brush, roller, and/or sprayer achieving a beautiful finish.

Interior painting:

All interior spaces are first cleared of furniture and other objects. Outlet plates are removed, floors are covered with drop cloths, and plastic is used to protect other items. Next, wall surfaces are prepped, holes and cracks are filled, water damage and stains are repaired, and high quality primer is applied to guarantee proper paint adhesion. Finally, premium paint is applied by brush, roller, and/or sprayer producing a top quality finish.

Rescue Painting donated professional painting to ReNew Medina.